All-in SuperCart
All-in SuperCart

All-in SuperCart – Contract-free security

The berolina All-in SuperCart combines first-class products and all-inclusive technical service with no contractual obligation. It is a valuable guarantee for your existing and new printing systems:

  • berolina SuperCart with higher yield compared to standard cartridges from manufacturers / ISO-IEC 19752
  • Free service for the printer
  • Travel and working times included
  • Spare and wear parts included
  • On-site printer repairs, response times within 24 hours
  • Replacement printers in the event of total printer failure
  • Integrated logistics and disposal concept
  • Billing by consumption, no contractually fixed print volumes


In der Fachzeitschrift "Digital Imaging" ist soeben ein ausführliches Interview mit dem Führungsduo der berolina Südwest, Tina Hirner und Dr. Benjamin Albrecht erschienen.

Die berolina Südwest ist...

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