Software Solutions - The control center for your printer and MFP fleet

A fast and efficient system infrastructure can be a competitive advantage in these days. Software-based office solutions ease your duties. Even if the hardware changes, berolina software solutions work independent of the manufacturer with all systems. So you have time for other, more important projects.  

  • Productivity. With administration & monitoring solutions your fleet can easily be managed because the printer takes care of itself. It provides consumables and equipment even without your intervention. Administrative expenses (up to 70%) and ordering processes are significantly reduced. »Test now: Fleet & Service Management 
  • Slimmed business processes. The capture & workflow solutions make work more efficient and user friendly. An example is OCR Scan, which allows a direct further processing of scanned documents.
    With our DMS software solutions, you can manage digital documents in the palm of your hand, file documents legally correct, and have quick access at all times. No more searching, but easy finding! "   
  • Document security. Our security solutions protect your important documents from being accessed by unauthorized persons. You decide the access rights.
  • Cost overview and control. Our accounting solutions ensure transparency concerning print and copy jobs in your company. They are the base for an efficient planning and budgeting. It's about your money.  
  • Mobility. Our mobile & cloud solutions allow the user to print when and where he wants. No "standing in line" for the printer or copier.

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